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Robin William’s passing

this tragic event has affected anyone who has ever seen Robin in action; be it on stage, tv or the movies.  i’ve asked someone close to me if i can post his thoughts in my blog today.  he’s done a great job of voicing what many of us are feeling as we process this awful tragedy.  i thank dale elliott for allowing me to use his writing today.

My heart is heavy with deep sadness at the passing of comic Robin Williams. I sorta felt like I knew him, having seen so many of his movies…He just seemed  like a goofy and very eccentric uncle. Robin could single-handedly voice, act, sing and dance a story like nobody else! He “disarmed” us with his shockingly funny humour! And yet he battled with alcohol addiction, even though he had  20 years of sobriety!

Why is it that people with such great fame and provide so much joy, can’t handle life? Is that they shun help or those closest

As I reflect on “wacky” Robin, I can’t help but recall Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Candy and many others who’ve tragically taken their lives. Depression is such a filthy trap and lie! God loves His created ones so much and yet they/we don’t get it…

I know that Robin was around Christians at times and even talked openly about the idea of faith as an acquaintance of mine was his stunt double on the movies Night At The Museum and RV. Paul Rutledge told me of how open Robin was and that he would not be offended to talk about faith. However he was very opionated (as we all are) and did not believe in Christianity. What a sad, sad shame! Now he’s gone into eternity with no chance to be saved…

                          Paul R.                             Robin

                          Paul- stunt double                              Robin Williams

May we never forget how our lives are affected by the choices we make!         And may we love so passionately that those around us feel cared for and loved.


“Riches take wings, comforts vanish, hope withers away,

but love stays with us. Love is God.”

― Lew Wallace, Ben-Hur