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everything looks better on a sunny day.

i live in southwestern Ontario.  that means that  we live in a world of unpredictable weather.  the joke is if you don’t like the weather, wait a few hours and it will change.  it’s quite true.

i get up early and head for work about 7:30 am.  from late october until march, i do this mainly in the dark.  there are three reasons for this: one is that the change of seasons makes for a shorter day of light.  the other is the time change.  we “fall back” in the fall and “spring forward” in the spring.  the third reason is that we have a lot of cloudy days during the fall/winter weather.

many people head south for the winter.  they don’t like the cloudy, cold weather. i can’t say as i blame them but i’ve decided that one can’t really appreciate the sun until you have lived with clouds.  it’s been very cloudy the past few weeks. this morning, i went to warm-up my car and as i stepped out the door, mr. sun hit me in the eyes! i was so happy to see him!  it was cold but it was sunny!  as i was driving, there he was peering over my shoulder.  i was pretty enthused by this simple, yet wonderful orange ball in the sky!

i actually feel sorry for those that head south where the sun is always shining and you miss the seasons changing.  there is an appreciation for simple things like sun and a temperature above 0 degrees C when this is everyday life.  it’s like we wait for something great to happen and that greatness can be as simple as a sunny day!

i also think that one can’t appreciate good until bad has been experienced.  we all want an easy life but i think that we don’t know the greatness of love until we’ve experienced hate.  we don’t know the greatness of wealth until we’ve experienced poverty.  we don’t know the greatness of friendship until we’ve experienced loneliness.  we don’t know the greatness of sun until we’ve experienced the clouds.  life experiences dictate whether we will choose to live in the sun or in the clouds.  i choose to live in the sun because everything looks better on a sunny day.