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free entertainment

there are few things i appreciate more than watching nature unfold in it’s very way.  because i have time these days to sit and watch or take a little more time to do so, i’m finding many things of nature that make me smile.

there has been a nest of cardinals in our lilac tree in our backyard.  my husband and i have been entertained watching mr. and mrs. flying in and out of the nest feeding and taking care of the little brood.  i keep watching for the little guys to learn to fly but no such luck, yet.  i’ll keep watching.

today i marveled as i watched a mother robin teaching her little robin-lette how to hunt for worms. they were hopping all over the yard poking into the green grass with the moist soil finding their lunch.  i also listened as they communicated with each other – chirping at each other off and on.  the little one wandered away too far and mommy hopped onto a pole so she could watch.

our fat feline, shelby, is quite the cat.  she’s 13 years old and i thought a year ago was dying…… not so. she’s healthy but overweight.  she’s an indoor cat but loves to lie on the back deck during the summer in the hot sun and sunbathe.  today i watched as she rolled from side-to-side giving herself a little bath in the sun.  rolling and rolling and trying to get herself clean…….

these little stories are cute but we know nature can be cruel…….  i recently found a dead toad in a jar of water on my back deck.  the water was to rid my morning glories of the stupid beetles but somehow the toad jumped in and never got out.  horrifying to find for this nature loving writer.

i have no moral to this story today. my ending consists of one recommendation: watch nature.  take the time to sit, watch, learn and enjoy.  it’s free and it’s there!  why not?




A Bird in the Hand…… Day ?

This is the last entry for my baby bird, Bobby.  I walked outside the other morning to put some fruit peelings in the compost.  As i walked out the door, Bobby flew from my garden to the high branch in the maple tree that hangs over our back yard.  Quickly following after him was his mommy.  I stood there and watched him for a few moments; he just sat there and looked back at me.

He’s flown the coop; birds do that.  Kids do that.  It’s been one week since I found him on our sidewalk; he’s come a long way and so have i.  Letting go…… easier said than done.  “Have fun flying over our city, Bobby.  And please, fly carefully…….”

A Bird in the Hand…… Day #4

I finally got up this morning at 6 AM. i was tired of laying in bed wide awake.

I wandered to the bathroom and did my usual peek out the window to see what was happening in the early morning in the backyard.  I saw some movement in the area of the tomato plants.  I blinked hard and looked, again. Was it my baby  bird!!??  I ran to the kitchen door for a closer look.  I couldn’t believe my blurry eyes!  There underneath the tomato plants was my baby bird flapping his wings and standing right beside him was…… his mommy!  I almost cheered out loud!     (but did so in my head as not to awaken my husband)  I watched for a few moments but couldn’t see the details that i wanted so I ran for my binoculars.  By the time i got back the 2 had moved.  “Wow!”, i thought, “she didn’t abandon him after all. She’s been right here all of the time.”

i went out a bit later to see my little guy but i couldn’t find him.  I did see mommy bird fly away from the fence area to a hydro wire and where she guarded from afar as i wandered around looking for Bobby…. she was keeping an eye on him where ever he was.

I don’t know what’s next with this little family.  I wish i had some really cool parallel to life.  I can think of lots but they’re all pretty cliche-ish so i’ll leave them to you to figure out. I do want to say publicly that my husband was right.  I didn’t have to worry about my baby bird……. hmmmmm….. makes me think…….