Choose to be positive

i’m a social media junky.  i love facebook and follow twitter and instagram and watch the news on-line.

i started to wonder why i was feeling so down the past few weeks and then it dawned on me that my attitude was being decided by what i was seeing and reading on these sights. so, i made the conscience effort this week to be positive and instead of fueling the fire of controversy – something i have no control over – i would post a picture or at least a few words of positivity each day and see what happened.

monday i posted birdie prints in the snow. tuesday i thanked the plow drivers for doing such a great job so i had a safe communte the next morning.  wednesday i celebrated my 6 year work anniversary.  thursday i celebrated tim horton’s roll-up-the-rim contest starting.  today i’ve celebrated that it’s friday and i have a free weekend.  these are all very simple things but something has changed.

what has changed is that my soul feels better.  i don’t feel anxious as often and i don’t feel as angry or upset as i did when i let those things dictate me. i’m monitoring my time on any social media.  i’ve turned off notifications for everything on my phone.  i only check if and when i have time.  i now dictate to them…. they don’t dictate to me!

this is so small, yet so simple.  it’s a simple step in becoming a calmer person.  i #choosetobepositive for my own well being.  i’m in control of how i feel.  others can’t decide that for me.


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