The perfect age………

a week ago, someone asked me if i could be any age, what age would i choose?  i’ll tell you my answer at the end of this blog so read on to see what it is and to see what i think of the other years i’ve lived.

i’ll start at the decade of the 20’s.  it’s not even worthwhile to mention my teen years; i thought i knew everything and didn’t listen to anyone.  in my 20’s, i became a wife and a mother.  i didn’t know anything about either of those responsibilities so i watched other women to see what to do right and what to do wrong.  i know i made mistakes but i made it through. i’d say the 20’s was my learning decade.

in my 30’s i panicked about being 50, tried to help provide for my family, and did some missions work.  i worried how my hair looked and whether or not i’d lost all of the baby weight from my 20’s.  i wondered a lot about what other people thought about me and worried too much about it. i started colouring my hair to hide the grey. i’d say my 30’s was  a very insecure decade.

then i turned 40!  i had a lot of friends older than i was so it never bothered me to hit that number.  around 45 i quit worrying about what others thought about me and did my own thing.  in my 40’s i went back to school and finally got a job that proved getting an undergrad degree wasn’t a waste of time.  i started to sign up for races and walked off some pounds.  i noticed my  hands looked like my mother’s. i noticed that things ached when i got up in the morning.  i liked my 40’s.  i think i found myself in my 40’s.

now i’m 50.  i’ve just entered this realm and i like it.  i’ll become a grandma in my 50’s.  i love my job. i love my family.  i’m proud of them and how i’ve guided them ( can i take a little credit? even a little bit?) i’m far enough from retirement to not worry about having enough money for it. (although, it’s in the back of my mind.)  We’re empty nesters.  i still don’t care what people think about me! at this age, i am who i am.  yup, i think the 50’s is my favourite decade so far.

what’s yours perfect age?


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