WWJD?……. (Yup, another one of these)

we teachers had a conversation in the hall at break yesterday about one of our refugee students who said she didn’t have any gloves.  let me set the scene outside for you.  we’ve just had over 12″ of snow, the temp is hovering around -12 degrees Celcius and it’s the middle of winter; it’s COLD!  we all gasped! “no gloves? but it’s so cold!”  “no gloves? shouldn’t she be able to get some free ones at one of the homeless shelters?” “no gloves? i hope her kids have some!”  (we were assured that they did.)

the conversation continued with, “well, i think i have some extra at home.” ” i can bring some tomorrow.”  my own initial thought was to go after school, buy her some and give them to her tomorrow, too.

but as i walked back to my classroom, the voice in my head said, “give her yours.”   give her mine? by doing this, i knew i’d be glove-less until i got home and anyone who knows me, knows i’m always cold and i hate the cold.  i also knew i’d be giving her MY new gloves that match my favourite sports teams’ colours and that go awesome with the whole winter fashion thing i’ve got going on.

but as  i continued pondering this i thought:  what would’ve Jesus  done?  would He have put it off until tomorrow?  would He have winced at the thought of giving up his fav sandals and handing them over to someone with bleeding feet?  no, i think he probably would’ve taken the cloak off of his back right then and there and would’ve given it to the person who was shivering.

so, that’s what i did.  i waited until lunch, grabbed my gloves, walked into her classroom and slid them into her bag.  easy.  done.  she said, “thanks.”

it was no big deal.  i only did what lots of other people have done by giving up something to someone who needed it more. it just kept coming back to me to do something NOW!  why do we wait until tomorrow?  do it now!  you know the old saying, “tomorrow may never come.”

well, i’m really glad that i acted when i did because this student was not at school today which means she would’ve gone the whole weekend without gloves.

what are YOU waiting to do?


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