MOB ie: Mother of the Bride

our daughter got married on the weekend.  i sit here dealing with a mixture of emotions that only a MOB can understand. some of my thoughts and advice follow and my hope is that my reflections will help another MOB someday:

~ it was hard to let her plan using her ideas and not mine.  i learned quickly that she was in charge…… how it should be.  i’m a control freak; letting go of giving my opinion was hard.  i kept thinking, “it’s her wedding, not yours. just keep quiet.”  i will admit, though, i was excited when she did ask my opinion.  my advice:  keep your opinion to yourself, hug her a lot and open your pocketbook when it’s needed.

~ fun!  the wedding weekend was so much fun!  relatives arriving, visiting with friends, seeing plans put into place. when i wasn’t stressing about flowers or getting the right people to the right locations, i was having fun!  my advice:  relax and have fun…..

~ loosen the purse strings.  this is my only daughter. i hummed and hawed about getting a manicure, a pedicure and spending money on having my hair done for the day.  i did it all and i’m really glad i did. it made me feel very elegant for this special day.  my advice:  do what you need to make yourself feel special and beautiful.  you’re the second female people are looking at on her wedding day.

~ i wasn’t prepared for the let down the following days. we planned and prepared and dreamed for months.  she got to go to europe with her new husband; i went back home to do laundry and put the memories on a shelf.  in all the reading i had done about being the MOB, i had never encountered this warning……  so now you’ve been warned.  my advice: have a project ready to do when the day is over and you go home to a bit of emptiness.

~ giving her away was easy.  watching her drive away was hard.  i barely shed a tear all day. i was so happy for her.  she was so beautiful and excited.  i don’t understand the raw emotion of the driving away and how it seemed to rip my heart open but i had to grab onto my husband and shed some painful tears.  i guess i realized she really is someone else’s now.  the little girl i brought into this world and fussed over and played with and prayed for is now in the care of her husband.  i totally trust him. i love him like a son.  it’s just hard.  my advice:  just be prepared for this moment.

that’s it.  my thoughts and advice for others.  my daughter is married yet still very close in proximity. i’m thankful for that.  my final word of advice; this is a once-in-a-lifetime event for your baby girl.  give it all you’ve got.  leave nothing behind.  do it for her, not for you.



3 responses to “MOB ie: Mother of the Bride

  1. great thoughts! This is good advice and, as usual, your words touch my heart.

  2. Thanks, annita 🙂 i wonder what it’s like when we have to give away our boys?

  3. Absolutely beautifully spoken. Your insights…….your heartfelt emotion come through loud & clear. Well done.

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