cookbooks.  definition: a book containing recipes and instructions for cooking.

i grabbed one of my many, many cookbooks the other day and decided that a lot of my cookbooks hold more than just “recipes and instructions for cooking.”  i realized that they also follow the story of my life.  the book i pulled out was the one with handwritten family  recipes in it; the one with the Christmas cookies and Christmas morning breakfast that has been a family tradition since before i was married.  i pulled out another one that has a handwritten recipe for pomme de tart that my son copied down when he was a whole lot younger than he is now.  i have a collection of recipes from one New Years’ Eve when our kids decided they wanted to try recipes from other countries for fun (never dreaming that one day my daughter and i would be teaching ESL to people from some of those countries); i still remember what a fun adventure that cooking night was.  i have a picture of my son when he was a computer camp one summer (much to his dismay i still keep it in that same cookbook.)

i have binders full of recipes in many different categories.  there’s a category for appetizers, mains, side dishes and one is even for my husband’s smoothies kick (when he was on one of his “kicks”).  i have dozens of specific books that for a time were so very important to me; slow cooker books, cookie recipes, famous chef cookbooks, cookbooks from fundraisers – all tell a story of my life in a very different way. as i take the time and leaf through the pages of some of these books, i can recall homes we’ve lived in, events that took place, people that i can connect them to, feelings of joy and excitement and sometimes even sadness; you name it, it comes to the surface.  it’s almost like looking through a timeglass into my past.

i love to cook and i know that i’ll still continue to print-off and collect recipes, buy books, admire famous chefs and increase their fortunes, support specific magazines, and cook and bake to my heart’s content.  someday, when my grandkids are going through my piles of cookbooks, i hope they can understand a little bit more about who their grandma was……… and bake something from them in my memory 🙂


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