Summer Walks……… come to an end

as summer draws to an end and  i have to make my way back into the classroom, my mind is streaming all of the things i did this summer.  one of those many things was my walks.  i’ve been thinking about all of the kilometers i’ve walked, who i’ve had the company of walking with and the number of calories i’ve burned.  here are a few insights into my summer walks:

i’ve walked many k’s with Tanner, our dog. i’ve also been joined by my son, my daughter and her boyfriend, my husband, his aunt and uncle, my friend, gayle, and my grandpuppy, Wes but mostly i walked with God and my thoughts.

i’ve gotten to know my neighbours on my walks.  there are 2 older ladies who now wave at me when i walk by.  the couple at the end of the street wave and even say “hi” now when I walk by.  the LOUD, crusty older lady 2 blocks down will still say “hi” and i don’t even need to take out my ear buds to hear her.  i’ve learned to wave at our neighbour with the permanent tracheotomy instead of saying “hi”. i’ve learned that a smile from me brings a smile to others.

Tanner has kept relaxed porch setters entertained as he’s chased many a harried squirrel up a tree.  i’ve learned not to be afraid of the hairy man that never looks up when he walks by but to just say a friendly “good morning.” i’ve answered many “thank-you’s” as passer-byes have called out, “you have  a cute dog!” i’ve had to call the police because of a domestic situation one morning as i walked by a house down the street. i’ve dodged cars, raindrops and dog poop. i’ve sweated and wheezed.  i’ve been ready to quit but realized i had to get back home somehow.  i’ve found new walking paths that have restored my desire to exercise.  i’ve been saddened and humbled as i’ve walked by one of the city’s food banks. i’ve argued with God about issues and been overcome with relief when i realized He was right.  i’ve managed to log over 223 kilometers and burn 16,354 calories while walking.  me! a couch potato!

so, tomorrow, it’s back to work. of course, i’ll continue to walk once i’m back at school but i’ve lost the freedom that i’ve found to go walking when i want and how long i want.  i’m glad i’ve had the chance to walk around our good city this summer.  walking is easy, free and you can even learn some stuff, too.  i’ll hang up my summer freedom until next year when i can pick it up off of the shelf, once again, and put it to good use.


scary, hairy man….. who’s really not that scary


old folks apartments where Tanner does his entertaining.





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