A Bat in the Bedroom????!!!!!

we live in an old house that was built in 1884.  this gives it character plus critters.  so far we’ve never had a bat in the house……. until last night.

i awoke last night at 3:45 am to the breeze of a bat flying by my arm!

i heard a strange sound but figured it was the curtain caught in the small fan that was circulating air around our room.  i drifted off to sleep for a moment until i felt the breeze from a bat fluttering around my arm.  how did i know it was a bat? not really sure…….. i just knew!

i grabbed the covers, threw them over my head and screamed at my husband, “there’s a bat in here!”  poor guy was sound asleep and replied, “what?”  so, I repeated, “there’s a bat in here!”  he was so groggy that his reply was, “what am I supposed to do about it?”  that is totally not like him, by the way! 🙂   i screeched, “get it out of here!”  he got up, turned on the light and proceeded to be my knight in shining armour!  (I’m still under the covers, of course! and our dog is prancing around trying to figure out what’s going on!)

he realized that the intruder had gone out of our room into the adjacent living room and headed that way……. our dog, on the other hand, headed back into our bedroom and immediately under the bed! he must’ve figured this was no toy!  he  should have joined me under the covers!

my knight quickly closed the door and i didn’t hear anything else from him.  i waited. i was dying to go out and see what was going on but i realized that if i did and the bat came at me, i’d start to scream and that would only cause more stress……..  i stayed put!

after a few minutes, my conquistador came back into our room with a tale of triumph that the bat had been freed.  i had to hear the story, of course.  he told how he had lured the bat into the kitchen by turning on the light, how he dodged the being a bit, while it flew around, and then how he managed to get to the door, open it and allowed the bat to find his way out.  i burst into singing “Hero” by Mariah Carey….. all was well, again.

i started to laugh when i realized the event was over.  we retold stories of other times when we had had bats in the house – once when my husband was a kid and once when our own kids were little.

it was hard to get to sleep, again…….  our dog finally gained the courage to come out from under the bed but i was waiting for a repeat of our episode. I actually don’t mind bats as long as they’re flying around the backyard and not flying by my arm at 3:45 am.  they should be out eating mosquitoes instead of terrorizing me………..


2 responses to “A Bat in the Bedroom????!!!!!

  1. You are too funny, I have had to free a bat a few times in our house, it is surrounded by pine trees and when it is really hot, once in a while, a bat will get into our nice cold home. Open the patio door get a broom or racket out and keep it flying. My girls were hiding in their room and my husband not home, I had to be the hero. Bats like to hide behind things on the wall so I needed to keep my eyes on the little critter. They are not as bad as their reputation.

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