let me start by saying that other than running to the grocery store and track in grade 9 i’ve never been interested in running. in fact, i see no need to go anywhere quickly and get sweaty by doing it.  that’s why it’s very strange that a year ago i took up ‘quickly walking’ and it’s turned into ‘slowly running.’

i call myself a runner only because i have cool shoes, little running socks, an arm holder for my iPhone (to show my distance, calories burned and to listen to my music), and some cool running shirts. i had a dream once where i said in it 3 times, “I’m a runner, you know.” even in my dreams i’m trying to convince myself. i guess i see true runners as those who love it. they love the high that running gives them.  i’m just not there. i feel the burning lungs and tired legs.

i have a run coming up on saturday.  i haven’t been very diligent about training for it because of the heat of this summer.  i finally got out and ran this morning. it was 28C and it felt like 34C. am i crazy? i sweated for 1/2 after i finished….. gross!

if i don’t like it, why do i do it? well, i’ve been inspired by my dad (who took up running in his late 30s) and my sisters who like to run.  i figure if they can, i can.  but i don’t like it.  i find it’s a mind game when i’m out there putting one foot in front of the other. i continually tell myself i won’t die and i’m not sitting watching tv and eating a bag of chips!

there are some positive sides to running: 1. i’ve lost weight. 2. i’m in the best shape i’ve been in for a looong time. 3. it fuels my competitive nature. 4. i get cool shirts when i run races. 5. it reminds me to be thankful for 2 legs that i can run on.

after this run on saturday i’m not sure whether i will continue to slowly run or go back to quickly walking; it’s yet to be determined.  most races have categories for both interests.  i figure that at 48 if i have an interest to do any exercise at all i’ll be thankful for that and keep that focus whatever i decide to do.  i’ll also be playing the mind game of “no pain! no pain!” that we saw while watching Rocky 4 the other night…….


last year’s St. Clair River run race. the one i’m running in this weekend.


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