He looks like a “Ted” to me…..

We now live in a lovely little town of 40,000.  This quaint little place offers a wonderful offering of concert band music from the town’s concert band every Wednesday night in the central city park.  People being arrival around 7:10 with lawn chairs and Tim Horton’s in hand.  My husband and I ride our bikes down.  I unroll the blanket i have tucked snuggly in my back pack; along with Cokes and Swedish Berries, and we sit on the knoll at the back of the park where we have a birds eye view of everyone.  Promptly at 7:30 a man from the bass section welcomes everyone and the night of music begins.

You can expect to hear a wide variety of selections.  Leroy Anderson shows up on occassion; although, not in the “Sleigh Ride” style that I played in high school, but his style is familiar and it takes me back to my Clarinet days. Last night we heard a selection from Bach and a medley of hymns that we sat and hummed with.  All-in-all, it’s a great night.

Three weeks ago as we sat on our blanket, i noticed an older gentleman sitting just upwind of us on the knoll.  I’m pretty sure his name is “Ted”. He was an older man who was quite unkempt in his appearance.  I noticed his aroma first and then his appearance.  I felt sorry for him because he was rolling around trying to get comfortable on the hard ground.  He must have forgotten to pack a blanket in his back pack and ours was only big enough for the two of us or i would have offered him a corner.  He eventually tired of the hard surface, rolled onto his side and wobbled down the hill.  My heart went out to this lonely man.  He obviously had no date like i did.

My husband and I are among the youngest concert attenders but I don’t care.  this is small town.  this is class.  this is life how i like it.  It’s summertime and it’s time to be out and enjoy the weather and have a date with someone you adore.  what is summer to you?  Is it band music in the park?  Is it the beach?  Is it a motorbike ride down back roads?  Whatever it is, get out and enjoy it.  Even a walk around the block does wonders for one’s mind 🙂

The summer concert offerings are almost over.  I’m quite sorry to say that we will be on vacation the night of “Big Band Night” in the park; (My goodness I’m sounding old!) but I don’t think our kids would understand a cancelled trip to the Big Apple so mom can enjoy “Big Band Night.”  so, i’ll just miss it for this year.

It’s been a fun date night and now it’s my husband’s turn to find us a date night for the fall.  I hope he reads this so he knows that’s his responsibility.  Oh, and by the way, “Ted” now comes with a lawn chair like the other folks his age.  I think he learned the hard way.


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