A Bird in the Hand…… Day ?

This is the last entry for my baby bird, Bobby.  I walked outside the other morning to put some fruit peelings in the compost.  As i walked out the door, Bobby flew from my garden to the high branch in the maple tree that hangs over our back yard.  Quickly following after him was his mommy.  I stood there and watched him for a few moments; he just sat there and looked back at me.

He’s flown the coop; birds do that.  Kids do that.  It’s been one week since I found him on our sidewalk; he’s come a long way and so have i.  Letting go…… easier said than done.  “Have fun flying over our city, Bobby.  And please, fly carefully…….”


4 responses to “A Bird in the Hand…… Day ?

  1. I’m so glad you saw him again just to know he is fine and didn’t get devoured. Makes it easier to let go!

  2. You have broken me down to a weeping mess of a man. Thank you.

  3. I’m glad there was a happy ending. This post about the bird leaving the nest reminds me of the Father’s Day card that Kevin received which included a father’s variation of Goldilocks and the three bears. ….and Papa Bear said, “and the baby bear grew up, left home, got a job and never asked for porridge or money again!”

  4. Good ending to a good beginning for “bobbie”. These are the kinds of stories I know you are capable of doing. Fred

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