A Bird in the Hand…… Day #4

I finally got up this morning at 6 AM. i was tired of laying in bed wide awake.

I wandered to the bathroom and did my usual peek out the window to see what was happening in the early morning in the backyard.  I saw some movement in the area of the tomato plants.  I blinked hard and looked, again. Was it my baby  bird!!??  I ran to the kitchen door for a closer look.  I couldn’t believe my blurry eyes!  There underneath the tomato plants was my baby bird flapping his wings and standing right beside him was…… his mommy!  I almost cheered out loud!     (but did so in my head as not to awaken my husband)  I watched for a few moments but couldn’t see the details that i wanted so I ran for my binoculars.  By the time i got back the 2 had moved.  “Wow!”, i thought, “she didn’t abandon him after all. She’s been right here all of the time.”

i went out a bit later to see my little guy but i couldn’t find him.  I did see mommy bird fly away from the fence area to a hydro wire and where she guarded from afar as i wandered around looking for Bobby…. she was keeping an eye on him where ever he was.

I don’t know what’s next with this little family.  I wish i had some really cool parallel to life.  I can think of lots but they’re all pretty cliche-ish so i’ll leave them to you to figure out. I do want to say publicly that my husband was right.  I didn’t have to worry about my baby bird……. hmmmmm….. makes me think…….



4 responses to “A Bird in the Hand…… Day #4

  1. Audrey deVoest

    I posted from my phone but it doesn’t look like it was received…so here are my thoughts again. When I read, “she didn’t abandon him after all. She’s been right here all of the time.” I thought of the poem Footprints in the Sand. When we think we are all alone our Father is actually there watching us from the fencepost 🙂 He’s watching out for all those big kitties just waiting to devour us!!

  2. I always watch “flight school” each year in amazement, it seems God has this all figured out, we can only stand back and truly appreciate all His amazing ways.

    How can this little creatures learn so quickly, I startled a little robin today and it flew as quick as it could only to run into the fence. It picked itself up and continued on its with the lesson from his parent.

  3. what moving and great stories. I could feel your love for little birds. You spoke directly to my emotions and I am greatful. I’m proud of you. Keep those kinds of blogs coming. Love you, DAD

  4. I’m so relieved there was a happy ending!! 🙂

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