A Bird in the Hand….. Day #3

Day 3 and although i’ve looked all over our yard and across into the neighbour’s yard I can’t find my baby bird.  I’m pretty sad but i know that you can’t keep birds caged when they’re meant to be free.

Today i had my students write stories about finding a baby bird on the sidewalk.  They came up with some great ideas of what to do with him.  I shared with them that this was a true story and had them laughing as i played out the accounts of the 2 previous nights  and my experiences with him.  They said to name him “Bobby” and although I don’t really think that’s a great name for a bird i think it’s cute and if i ever find him or finds me, I’ll call him Bobby.  Maybe then he’ll share his adventures with me and i’ll pass them onto my students.


One response to “A Bird in the Hand….. Day #3

  1. We have a bird nest in our tree in the front flower bed and everytime I come home the bird flies out as i”m appraoching the porch….it freaks me out..especially tonight coming home in the dark. I could have a heart attack. If you’re missing yours, you could have mine!! See you tomorrow??!!!

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