A Bird in the Hand….. Day #2

I took a moment from cooking dinner to walk outside and throw some vegetable scraps into the compost.  I looked at my tomato plants as I walked by.  What did i spy?????  My baby bird!  Holy cow!  Where did he come from?  Where had he been all night?  All day?  what had he been doing?  I greeted him with glee and told him i was glad to see him.  He had survived the night and the day!  I couldn’t believe it!  I bent down to his level and asked him all sorts of questions, again. Where had he been all day?  How did he survive the night?  Is he ok?  did he eat?  Was he hungry? (I’m wondering if the neighbours think this new lady is nuts???  quite possibly.)  Again, i only got a wink and a stare from him.  Somehow this little guy had traveled from the sidewalk in front of our house, under the gate, down the sidewalk under another gate (no, we don’t live in Fort Knox) and into the backyard.  How did he do it? why won’t he answer me?  (ok.. i know he won’t but i am so curious about him!)

We ate supper on our back deck and we watched him the whole time.  I wondered why he doesn’t fly.  Does he look at the other birds soaring by and wish he could do that?  Will nature’s instinct take over and he’ll all of the sudden fly?  Can he only learn from his mommy? How i wish i had paid better attention in Biology to know these things……

After supper I spent time outside watering my plants.  I passed by him and each time i realized he was spying the fence between our yard and our neighbour’s yard.  I asked him if was planning on going over there and i warned him that they have a shitzu that would tear him apart.  I remembered my dear husband told me it’s not my job to worry about him.  i turned around and went inside.

I wandered outside about 1/2 an hour later.  I checked where he had been and he was gone; again. I looked over the fence and around the plants to no avail……..  Will i see him, again?  Will there be a day #3?


4 responses to “A Bird in the Hand….. Day #2

  1. I’ve been after my husband to fix our broken eaves, but now he can’t. A bird has a nest of babies in our bedroom ceiling. They sound so cute in there, just tweeting away all day and all night. After they fly I’ll let him board it up.

    If I had a baby bird and the mother wasn’t coming back, I think I’d try to find a way to feed it myself. It sounds like it’s been abandoned by now. Maybe you need to chew up some worms for him? lol Honestly, I don’t know but maybe a phone call to a vet would help.

  2. Audrey deVoest

    Maybe it’s not your job to look after him but it’s OK to worry about him 🙂 I might be a crazy cat lover but I would protect the birdie from the cats!!

  3. Sure hope there is a day #3. Now I’m worried about the birdie. We have a nest in our backyard and I won’t let the dogs out by themselves when I see the little ones are almost ready to fly.

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