A Bird in the Hand….. day #1

We came home tonight to find a baby bird on our sidewalk; the sidewalk that is behind a gate.  he was sitting there just waiting……. but for what?  I peppered him with questions. I asked him what he was doing on our sidewalk and of course, he didn’t answer me.  I asked him where his mommy was and if he fell from the nest.  No answers, just a wink and a blank stare.  I know you’re not supposed to pick up baby birds (that’s a whole different story from my childhood days) so I just watched him for a moment.  He must’ve freaked a bit because he started to “run” and flap his little wings.  I expected him to take off flying but he didn’t.  Never made it off the ground.  He managed to run underneath a green hosta plant where he sat and caught his breath.

We went into the house and I continued to keep an eye on this little guy.  He sat there contemplating well, i’m not sure what.  Never heard his mommy or saw her.  Made my heart sad to think this little bird had been abandoned.  Nature CAN be cruel.

About 1/2 an hour later i went to the door to do my “bird check” and he was gone.  I felt happy but sad for him.  I wasn’t sure where he’d gone.  Did something get him?  I brushed that thought aside and went out to check my flowers for the evening.  Just then i spied him outside of the gate and on the REAL sidewalk… where people and animals.. i mean CATS…. happen by.  I asked him, again, what he was doing.  Where was he going?  And I just got that blank stare, again.  I watched him for awhile and as I did i saw 2 kids, a mother and a dog walk by….. right around him!  The dog NEVER saw him!  “Unbelievable!”, i thought. “the dog never smelled him or saw him!”  Who IS this little bird?

I wandered back inside, corrected some of my student’s exams and after another 1/2 an hour I did my “bird check”, again.  He wasn’t on the sidewalk, anymore.  I looked around for him; under the shrubs, in the street.  I looked for left behind feathers from a capture i wanted to know nothing about.  But, i saw nothing.  I was sad.  I went inside and announced that i couldn’t find the baby bird…… he was gone.  I comforted myself with the fact that his mother DID come for him.  That’s when my loving husband reminded me that God sees every bird and it’s not my job to worry about them.  Somehow this bird had become the symbol for my kids and i felt sad.  the bird was gone, i didn’t know where he was or what had happened to him…….

After a few moments I decided i needed to let him go……… I wish him well on his journeys.


One response to “A Bird in the Hand….. day #1

  1. Unbelievable!”, i thought. “the dog never smelled him or saw him!” Who IS this little bird?

    You make me laugh!

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