There’s a whole lot of stuff happening right now in Suzy’s household.  Most of it is good but there are some icky things that she wishes God would just take away.  When her husband lost his job in June they started a journey that still continues today.  She sometimes feels that they are no closer to the “end” (where ever that might be) than they were then. from January 1 to now, March 23rd, seems like a year has passed.  Each day seems to bring turbulence that they have to deal with.

Suzy wonders when and how will this all end. There are times when she doesn’t have strength left to fight.  She feels like each day brings things out of her control.  Oh, maybe that’s what Suzy is supposed to give up: control.

Ever feel like this?  Like you just have no strength left?  Do you wonder if  it can get any worse?   Suzy looked up the line from Shakespeare’s play: “Richard the Third”.  This is where those famous words come from:”Now is the winter of our discontent.”  It’s interesting that the King goes on to talk about the glorious summer that comes from that discontentment.  Winter turns into spring.  It sort of gave Suzy a boost.  Here’s the link if you want to read more about it:


Suzy is also reminded of C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia.  She thinks it’s Lucy that declares Narnia as a place that is always winter and never spring.  that’s how Suzy is feeling these days.  More gloomy winter than bright spring.

Come quickly, glorious Summer.  Winter has overstayed its welcome.


5 responses to “Turbulence

  1. Ah yes.. Narnia does face an “always winter never Christmas” season.. But then things change for them. We just have to keep looking for our “Father Christmas” 😀

  2. Crap. I hate winter too. Literally and metaphorically.
    I’m looking forward to being with you and Mr. Suzy this week 🙂

  3. In a way I wish winter would end, but then it could mean the end of a chapter, and an understanding that the next chapter will necessarily bring about changes, expected and unexpected. We can only move forward; love and sunshine will make it easier.

  4. Sounds to me like you have an opportunity for growth and a greater awareness of who God is. Remember resurrection always follows crucifixion. Mom and I throughly enjoyed ourselves Easter Sunday.
    Like you, I’m ready for Summer!!! Dad

  5. I agree. But Richard III murdered his two young nephews to get what he wanted. lol. Curse me and my knowledge of English history!!

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