“We’ve got the cow!”

Many years ago when my little family rented a farmhouse i had this cow fetish.  I had my dad make me cow stuff; a cow planter for flowers and a cow cookie container.  Years have passed and the cow cookie container was put away in a box during one of our moves.

As I was preparing to start teaching I was going through stuff and found that cow cookie container.  I immediately thought of the need to have it in my classroom filled with candy as a reward for my students working hard or doing a good job with something.

We were playing a game the other day with another class and we were losing miserably.  One of my students from Chilé spoke up and said, “We don’t care if we lose, we have the cow!” Silly students!

Today, we were working on gerunds and infinitives.  The students had to write sentences using the verb “ask”.  One of the groups wrote the following sentence:  “We have to ask before we take from the cow.”  Once, again, silly students!

Later, after we had finished a quiz on gerunds and infinitives, one of my students spoke up and said, “We worked very hard today.  I think we need the cow.  We’re the luckiest class in this school because we have the cow.”   I think the cow has made an impact.  Thanks, Dad!


6 responses to ““We’ve got the cow!”

  1. I don’t even think we were that excited about the cow as kids! 😛

  2. Can I be in your classroom? It sounds like so much fun!

  3. Is there chocolate in the cow? I bet you’re the best teacher, you make things fun for them.

  4. It’s cool to have a cow!! I’ve got a lovely candy dish my Mom bought for me when I got my job 🙂 “Mrs. Pilly…can I have candy??” Gotta make it fun!

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