As usual, I woke up last night at 4 AM.  Story of my life.  As I laid there and listened to the wind I wrote this GREAT blog in my head.  I wrote the whole thing and even thought of a snazzy title for it.  It was awesome!

Now, common sense would tell you that as long as I’m awake, anyway, I should just get up and write my thoughts down so I don’t forget them, right?  Hmmmmm… somehow at 4 AM I don’t have much common sense.  I managed to drift off to sleep and when I woke up this morning I was quickly reminded that I’d fallen asleep and had forgotten what this amazing, prize winning blog was about.  Rats!

My husband told me to blog about that.  So, I am.  Anyone else ever have that happen to them?  Maybe not about a blog but about something else just as important? 🙂  I told him that once we’re in our new place and the computer isn’t in our room and my typing won’t awaken him I will be getting up at 4 AM and penning my thoughts immediately.  that is, of course, if I’m not too cozy and the floor isn’t too cold 🙂  Ah, the life of a writer!


One response to “GRRRRRRR…………:(

  1. Sometimes I wake up but never have a wonderful idea for a blog but I usually think of something I want to remember to do the next day. I’ve even done something like throw whatever I can reach on the floor thinking that will remind me. But of course in the morning I can’t remember what it was I was suppose to remember by throwing that thing on the floor. Oh the joys of getting older.

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