I’ve learned this week that some of the best lessons come from just talking.  We were talking about how Valentine’s Day is coming up.  They all know what that is but the only man in our group, who is from the Congo, has a very strong opinion of that wonderful day.  He said this to us, “I tell my wife everyday that I love her.  I don’t need to choose one day to tell her this.” (You have to hear it in a French accent for it to be really cool!)  We all groaned at him.  I looked at him and said, “Do you know what the term ‘cop-out’ means?”  None of them did so a lesson ensued.  They all thought it was pretty funny! You have to be ready for anything.  🙂

My heart broke this week as one of my students, who is going through a divorce, came to me with tears in her eyes and said her “ex” is trying to “make her homeless.”  We just talked about homelessness this week and I had no idea that one of our own would be facing such a daunting future.  Thankfully, we have Immigration Support workers here who help our students with things such as this.  She was encouraged that a judge won’t kick her out of her house with nowhere to go.  Let’s hope that the Canadian justice system proves its self in this area.

I learned that my students are very creative writers.  How lucky for me!  We’ve written a poem using only prepositional phrases and it can be viewed on our Facebook page at “Karen’s Sarnia YMCA ESL Class”.  I suggested that we keep writing and being creative and at the end of the year, I will put all of our work together in a book.  That excited them!

I’m pretty tired when Friday comes around but what a rewarding  job I have.  My mind is always thinking about the next step or what else I can add or “Did I get my point across?”  A head nod is a polite gesture and doesn’t always mean they understand when I ask them.  My only regret in this whole area is that I didn’t do this 20 years ago.  Oh, hindsight, huh?  Hey, something else I can teach my students!


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