Catching my breath…………

Wow! 2 days of classes.  I haven’t talked this much or stood that long for a very long time.  I’m exhausted.  And you know what?  I’m absolutely LOVING it!  My students are so nice and fun….. why did it take me this long to do this?

Each of my students has a story to tell…. just like you and i do.  One of my students was a policeman in the Congo when Mobutu was being overthrown.  Another lived in the Philippines during the reign of the Marcos’ family…. remember the stories about Imelda’s shoes?  One girl is from the Czech Republic.  Her fiancé is a chemical engineer here and they both play instruments in the orchestra of two nearby cities.  One of my students is an archaeologist from the Czech Republic and goes back every summer to do more digs.

Why do i tell you this?  Because one VERY important thing i learned while in my ESL training class is that just because a person can’t speak English very well has no merit on their intelligence.  In fact, I think they have more drive and more intelligence than those that never learn another language or try something new.

I’m thrilled.  I’m exhausted.  And I will probably collapse on the weekend but for now, I’m just smiling and catching my breath 🙂



2 responses to “Catching my breath…………

  1. Karen, I’m go glad you’re enjoying your new job. I bet the people all love you. Hope the drive isn’t too bad.

  2. Wow…your new job sounds so interesting; meeting people from all around the world. Enjoy and sleep well on the weekend!! Glad you had a day off in the middle of the week.

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