Farewell, my wheelie chair…….

This is my last day at this job as an Office Administrator.  Soon i will begin the next phase of my life as an ESL teacher.  I am quite anxious and excited to begin this next phase.

You know, i thought i’d leave here and feel relief and excitement – and i do but i also feel some sadness.  I think about the expectations i had for this job and the hopes I had for things that could have changed and didn’t; things that should change and won’t; staff that have gone through these revolving doors hurt and in need of some healing.  Sadness that some people go through life with blinders on and they don’t realize how their decisions  effect those they come in contact with and they don’t seem to care.

I know my next job will come with challenges.  I know that I will have exciting days and disappointing days.  I also know that people are human and they make mistakes. As i leave, I  hope that i have learned something about life and relationships and compassion and encouragement; how it all works together to make us better people.

I hope to continue my blogging but my themes will probably change.  No more bus stories.  No more complaining about being bored and having nothing to do.  I’ll have stories about my 2 hour drive everyday and the interesting things that my students are teaching me.

So, farewell my front door.  i’ve watched people walk by and wondered what their lives are like.  I’ve watched as storms have come and gone.  Farewell my computer, my desk and my wheelie chair. It’s been a ride and a ride in a wheelie chair is always an interesting one!


One response to “Farewell, my wheelie chair…….

  1. So happy for you! Enjoy the challenges ahead. And on that 2 hour drive, look for signs that God is going with you (Hawks, Cardinals, Spring flowers as the snow melts . . .) ♥

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