Earliest Memories…. good or bad?

Last night at supper my daughter asked us what our earliest memories are.  Her’s is the birth of her little brother.  Mine is the birth of my youngest sister.  My husband’s is kindergarden and my son said his was grade 10.  Silly guy!

I started to think about another early memory that i will never forget.  My mom made our lunches everyday for us.  I always envied the other kids who got hot lunch but that’s because i didn’t appreciate the love that my mom put into making our lunches.  3 lunches, everyday for years and years.  She would make sure we had a sandwich, chips, fruit and of course, a couple of cookies.  then she’d make Kool-aid and put it in the big old thermos that came with all of the metal lunch boxes from the 70’s.  (That’s a whole other story in itself!)

One day when I was in 1st grade I grabbed my lunch box and started walking to the cafeteria to eat my sandwich.  I opened my lunch box and out poured purple Kool-aid all over me, the table and the floor.  My sandwich was soggy, chips ruined and the cookies were a mess.  I didn’t know what to do.  I’m pretty sure now i’d sit there and cry but I wasn’t as emotional then so I just walked over and told my teacher, Mrs. Stewart,  my dilemma.  She took me by the hand, walked me to the bathroom and cleaned me off.  Then she took me into the hot lunch line and bought me a hot lunch.

You know, I don’t remember what i had for my first ever hot lunch at school.  I don’t remember what I was wearing that Mrs. Stewart had to wipe  Kool-aid off of.  I do remember, though, being sad to tell my mom that my sandwich had been ruined and I couldn’t eat it.   I think i finally appreciated my mom and her lunches.


2 responses to “Earliest Memories…. good or bad?

  1. You don’t remember what you HAD?? I am sure it was a big piece of pizza or something 😀

  2. I like your writings and I feel likle you are improving. Dad

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