Tragedies…….. make us think……

I’ve been reading with utter disbelief and sadness about the shootings that took place in Arizona on Saturday morning.  I also read a story about a high school student who shot his assistant principal last Thursday.  I can’t even imagine the grief and shock that the families of the shooters and the families of the victims are dealing with right now.

I believe in the 2nd Ammendment that people should have the right to bear arms but I have to wonder if when our forefathers wrote those thoughts and ideas that they had any indication of what attrocities their future citizens would carry out with that freedom.

The one thing i learned last year is not to take anything for granted.  Not a job, not your health, not a car that runs,  not a meal; nothing.  Treasure each moment and each blessing as much as you can.  Life can be gone in an instant.  Wealth (oh, yes, we ARE wealthy in North America) can be gone in an instant.  Your family can be gone in an instant.

Go home.  Hug your spouse.  Hug your kids.  Hug your mom and dad.  Hug your sisters.  Hug your brothers.  Hug your pets.  Hug your friend.  Leave no regrets behind.  If a tragedy strikes make sure that those  you love know that you do.


2 responses to “Tragedies…….. make us think……

  1. Thanks for the reminder….I so agree….this past year has made me realize how precious every moment is and how unimportant things are

  2. Hug a friend…….hugs and more hugs to you.

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