I’ve been watching love unfold on the city bus.  One morning i saw a girl of about 20 get on the bus.  A few stops later a guy about the same age also got on the bus.  They knew each other a little bit from somewhere and ended up  chatting for the 15 minute ride. In this time I learned – yes, from eavesdropping – that he’s trying to get off drugs.  He goes to a clinic every morning for some sort of treatment before he gets his day going.  this was quite interesting to his friend who admitted to him that she needs to “get off of them, too”.  He had nothing but great things to say about the treatment and even though he declared how difficult it was he was optimistic about the progress he was making. 

Every morning i saw her get on the bus and I watched her face light up as he got on a few minutes later.  He’d always sit next to her.  He’d tell his stories and she’d listen and agree that it was time to do “something.”  He’d say his good-byes as he got off the bus at his stop and she’d continue on to hers.

This was about 6 weeks ago.  Because of the holidays people have been sporadic about riding the bus.  I hadn’t seen either of these people for the last 3 weeks.  Today she got on and I was interested to see what was going on with this “couple”.  (I’m a total romantic at heart!)  At his stop, he got on, walked over to her and sat down.  I listened as they shared their tales of life.  He told her how he needed to get a job and stop getting into trouble.  He “had a bit of trouble during Christmas”, he admitted and needs to get his act together.  when it came time for him to get off at “his stop” for his treatment, I noticed that she got off, too.  Before they got off, he turned to her and gave her a little wink. 😉

Has she decided to come clean?  Is she in treatment now, too?  I hope the best for these two people and I hope that maybe they’ve traded the addiction to drugs for the addiction to love.

Maybe i’m reading way too much into this.  Maybe i’m not.  But who says you can’t find love on a city bus?


3 responses to “Addictions

  1. I think you are going to have to tap them on the shoulder and get the rest of the story if it doesn’t unfold for you. We all want to know!!

  2. ahhhh I love this one

  3. I loved this story and this post made me cry….usually I have my laugh for the day but a good cry once in a while is good too!!

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