The Year in Review

I find myself looking forward to 2011 with great anticipation and a bit of hesistancy.  Normal, right?  But what about 2010?  What will Suzy remember about 2010?  This blog is meant to get your brain thinking about your past year; maybe even write it down, tuck it away and when you find it 5 years from now you’ll have some good memories and as well as some sad reflections to think back on.

I’ll start with the highlights……  I had an awesome trip to Mackinac Island with my husband to celebrate our 24th anniversary.  I’ll never forget finishing my last paper for my ESL course and handing it in.  Then there was my graduation, my son’s growth in his cooking, my daughter’s finishing of her course and the random face licks from Westley.  My morning glories were just that this year – glorious!  There were family trips to the beach, talks of getting tattoos together, travelling to grandparents houses and the spontaneous hugs from family and friends.  I had wonderful coffee dates and meals with friends at my house and out.  I grew closer to many people that i have come to love and appreciate more this year.  I met many students in my teaching travels that touched my life and they’ll never know it.  I never missed a meal, never had my electricity cut off, never went without anything in 2010.  I also feel happy about starting my blogs in 2010. 

How about the other end?  I cried with friends as they buried parents.  I sobbed at the thought of my own father in the hospital and the unknown outcome.  I sat at my desk frustrated many days at the lack of action, interaction with people and appreciation. The day my husband told me his job was done was a pretty low time.  Money is always an area of disappointment for me; i didn’t save enough, i spent too much, i didn’t give enough away.  I snapped at loved ones needlessly.  I failed to show understanding when it was needed. 

As I think back to 2010, I am rich in so many ways.  Family, friends, opportunities; all things that make life what it is.  It’s truly not about a big bank account but a big love account.  We watched The Shawshank Redemption the other day.  The whole theme of that movie is Hope.  Without hope we will die.  Hope has kept me going  in 2010.  As we say good-bye to 2010, i look forward with anticipation to 2011…. because there is light at the end of the tunnel even when you hate your job.

Happy New Year, dear readers!  Keep hoping and here’s to you and many more blogs in 2011.


One response to “The Year in Review

  1. You always inspire me and I admire your attitude so much. You truly are a beautiful person Karen. I know you have lots of wonderful new adventures to look forward to in 2011 and I hope you continue to share them with us.

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