Christmas Blues

What is it about Christmas this year?  It seems different for some reason.  My husband and daughter said they don’t feel like it’s Christmas.  My son said if that’s the case, he’ll take back their gifts.  Well, maybe not.  I feel the same way. I haven’t gotten into the “Christmas spirit” like i generally do.  It’s not that i’m not ‘ready’ for it as far as shopping goes – I am.  I’m looking forward to some holiday cooking.  We’ve created and eaten some holiday baking.  There’s presents underneath the tree.  the house is decorated.  We definately have snow!  I can’t pinpoint what’s different this year.

What about you?  Are you looking foward to Christmas?  I have several friends that are celebrating Christmas without family members this year.  I”m thankful that that’s not the case for me.  I’m sure they’re not facing Christmas in the same way this year. 

I come down to the living room every morning and plug in the lights on the tree.  I then plug the lights in on the banister.  Then I plug the lights on in the kitchen window.  I examine the pointsettia plant.  I look forward to Christmas Eve with my kids home and the anticipation of the coming morning of opening stockings, breakfast casserole, the begging of my adult children to open gifts BEFORE breakfast and the stalling that my husband and I do to tease them to wait even later than they want to.  These are traditions that continue year after year in our house. 

Do I sense changes ahead this coming year and feel that maybe this might be the last time we’re all together in the same house at Christmas? Is that the reason for my feelings of melancholy?  Maybe it’s going to be time to make new traditions in our family.  I hate change. 

No matter how you’re feeling about Christmas this year, I hope you have a good day doing what makes you happy; whether it’s opening presents. eating too much or teasing your kids.  Make it a special day.

Merry Christmas from Suzy Penny……..


2 responses to “Christmas Blues

  1. I agree.

    Merry Christmas Suzy…

  2. Wishing you a blessed Christmas too, Suzy!

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