I just had an interesting shopping experience.  I needed one more gift to finish my Christmas shopping.  I won’t tell you what it was because my family reads this and well, you get why.  I knew the item was on sale at Walmart.  So, of course, I headed there first. First of all, I had a hard time finding someone to help me. Once i do find Ms. Grumpy, she tells me it’s out of stock.  MAYBE getting some in in the next 5 days.  Won’t set one aside; i’ll have to take my chances.  She will price match but she’s going on supper for the next hour and won’t be answering her page.  Do I walk out?  Yup!  And over to Canadian Tire hoping they have what i need….. I figure they will.  I know they’ll price match and I just keep my fingers crossed that she’ll answer her pager on her 1 hour supper break.

So, I head over CT…… Canada’s answer to, well, everything……  I find the product i need.  I finally find an associate to help me while i ask about price matching.  Yet, another clerk who can’t smile and who acts like I”m wasting her time.  She tells me that they will price match but I have to take the item to Customer Service (Isn’t that an oxymoron these days…..) and they’ll call Walmart.  I wait 10 minutes while they finish serving their other customers.  I walk to the counter, smile and tell the 15 year old what i need.  “Oh, sorry,” she says. “We don’t price match unless the product is in stock at the other store.”  Ok…… let’s stop for a moment.  Why would I be wasting my time running from store-to-store trying to get a price match if I could just buy it at the first store.  I hang my head, bite my tongue and walk out empty handed.

I call my husband who says to try Lowe’s.  That was my idea, too.

So, I  head across the street to Lowe’s.  Needless to say they don’t have the exact item that i want.  The smiling girl, who helped me find the area i needed, went over to find out if they even carry it.  Within 3 minutes she was back apologizing that they don’t carry it.  She hopes that what they have will be appropriate.  how can i say “no”?  She was kind, pleasant, smiling and apologetic.  I took the product, told the cashier how nice it was to shop there, paid for my item and drove home.

Needless to say, the next time I need an item that Lowe’s, Walmart and Canadian Tire all carry, I will check Lowe’s first. 

What’s going on with customer service these days?  someone told my husband that Walmart is moving in the direction of getting rid of their associates on the floor.  I applaud this.  Maybe their prices will continue to roll-back if they’re not paying someone to stand around and acting like they’d rather be somewhere else.  When “I” was in retail………… 🙂

I used to call the stores to complain about customer service.  That never got me anywhere.  From now on I’ll just blog about it and let the store’s reputation stand for itself.


3 responses to “Unbelievable!

  1. How frustrating!! Sorry your customer service was crappy. Come to my store, that doesn’t happen there. 🙂

  2. My mother is an assiciate on the floor at the White Oaks Mall Walmart. I am, however, not offended by your comments because clearly it wasn’t her that was helping you. And I still love Walmart. 🙂

  3. I too was impressed by the new Lowes store, hopefully their service is still good after they’ve been in business for awhile. I sent Larry to Canadian Tire today so I hope he fines a happy sales person. Maybe when the Christmas rush is over and things are less stressful we’ll see some smiles. Merry Christmas.

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