We’re having our first snow blast of the winter. I”m sure years from now we’ll be talking about the “December Storm of 2010”.  My boss just called and gave me the day off.  Told me it was too much work to come in and it would take me too long.   Is he trying to get on my good side because it worked.

What does a snow day mean?  Well, I feel like i just got a gift.  My mind is whirring with ideas of what I can do today.  I don’t want to waste this day.  Here’s a list of things I’m thinking of:

1.  Wrapping Christmas presents.

2. Cleaning out my t-shirt drawer

3. More Christmas baking.

4.  A walk in the snow all bundled up with my camera.

5.  Watching a long romance movie while sipping hot chocolate and eating cookies.

6.  Shovelling the sidewalk.

7.  Cleaning out the basement.

8.  Sitting down at the piano and playing some Christmas carols.

I think that will keep me busy today.   If you have any other suggestions, I’d be happy to take them and ponder them with a hot chocolate in my hand and my feet up. 

Hope your day is a fun one, too!


4 responses to “SNOW DAY!

  1. Sounds like fun! I want to spend the day with you!

  2. You have THAT many TShirts!!

  3. You would think it was Christmas morning around here. My children were so excited about the schools being closed! I already walked around the block. I think I will clean my kitchen and wrap some presents. (I already watched a movie yesterday – 101 Dalmations!).
    I can’t bake; I’m out of eggs!! Of course there are those boiled chocolate oatmeals drop cookies….they don’t have eggs…I’m heading to the kitchen!!!! You could add reading to your already extensive list!

  4. Lucky you, I’m jealous! I want a snow day and to bake. Now I’m hungry. Have fun!!!

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