Freedom? Yes or No?

My daughter generously lent me her car this morning to drive to work.  NO BUS!  Freedom was in my sight!  Or was it?  With this little treat given to me I decided to leave a bit early and do some errands on the way to work.  I had to stop by Staples to pick up something to finish a gift with.  Did that, no problem.  then I stopped at the local grocery store to pick up 2 poinsettias for the office and some Haagen Daz ice cream that they have on sale:  3 for $9!  I buzzed over to the grocery store from Staples…. and sat through a red light.  The car needed gas so I kept my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t run out before i got to the gas station.

As soon as the red light turned green i zipped around the corner only to wait at the next light while a slow-poke van driver took her time getting into the parking lot; obviously NOT heading to work in a time crunch.  I zipped into the grocery store parking lot, grabbed my cloth bad and headed in.  I ran by the florist section and did a quick glance at the poinsettias; not a great selection but i figured i could find something decent.

I then ran to the other end of the grocery store where the ice cream is.  Ice cream in my family is a daily treat.  We all love it and some of us (not the girls, mind you) eat it daily.  When I saw the sale on Haagen Daz I couldn’t pass it up. Now, think of this: if a store is just opening for the day, don’t you think their shelves or freezers would be stocked to the brim?  Well, not so in the ice cream section.  With a possibility of 15 flavours of ice cream to choose from, there were only 5 available; 2 being low fat vanilla. Need i go on?  i choose each of the other 3 kinds and darted off to pick up 2 plants.  The florist section wasn’t open, yet, so I had to grab what i could from what I could reach and headed to the self check-out.

I ask you this.  Why is the self check-out a longer process than waiting in line behind a shopper with a cart filled with a week’s groceries?  It seems to me that it should go quicker but it figures that everytime I’m in a hurry I have some issue at the S Ch-out and I waste time.  Such was the scenario this morning.  I wanted to pay for the flowers seperately from the ice cream so I rang those in, first.  The machine froze up and i stood there waiting – and not patiently, i might add- while the clerk helped some other poor soul who was also in a hurry to get to work.  Move forward a few mintues, i got the help i needed, finished that transaction and started the next purchase of my ice cream.  The clerk was on the other side helping yet another customer who was having issues with the S. Ch-out and my machine kept showing an hour glass with a note that said, “Please wait.”  Ok…. don’t find me rude but i couldn’t take anymore, left the ice cream sitting there and walked out.  Sheesh!

I drove over to the gas station and remembered hearing that gas was up today.  And it was…….. 4 cents a litre.  No one wants to see $1.12 a litre but i was thankful to see that a pump was open for me so i pulled in and started pumping the “gold”.  I decided i would treat myself to a hot drink at my Shell station  because i like their cappuccino plus i didn’t have anytime left to stop at Tim’s for my tea.  I pumped the gas, ran in to get my drink and as i approached the self serve counter I noticed that there were no medium cups available.  What else could i have to frustrate me today?  I asked the clerk for some and she told me there wasn’t any.  As i mumbled under my breath I grabbed a large cup and proceeded to fill it. She then started to explain to me that the manager messed up the order and hadn’t bothered to fix it.  That was when I got the courage to say, “I suppose you’ll only charge me for a medium, right?”  Bold, huh?  She said, “Of course” and handed me a free Kellogg’s Fibre Plus breakfast bar.  Bribe to keep me quiet?  🙂

I zipped out to the car and realized that i was going to be late, unless traffic was slow on one of the main streets of London during rush hour.  Dream on!

As I pulled into the office just at 9:00 i thought back to what i thought was freedom this morning with being able to drive a car.  I was stressed about needing gas, slow poke van drivers, the lack of ice cream on the shelves, a S. Ch-out that wouldn’t work properly, missing medium cups and traffic.  Is that really freedom? I’m still trying to decide.


2 responses to “Freedom? Yes or No?

  1. You sound like a sports announcer this morning. I like the action of your play by play reporting!

  2. I am laughing at your expense, I can just picture all this happening and I to would be very frustrated because like you I am usually trying to do too many things at one time. I feel bad for the boys tonight with no ice cream!

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