The Christmas Sweets Dilemma

Ok……..  If you know me, you know how much i LOVE sweets; chocolate, preferrably but cookies, cakes, Little Debbie snack cakes, you name it, I love it.  As i’ve gotten more mature (i use that term instead of older) I have noticed that the sweets don’t leave my body as quickly as they used to.  This puts me in a quandry as I contemplate the Christmas season coming up.

December starts Wednesday.  A tradition that started when I was a kids was to bake at Christmas… and bake alot!  Already today I’ve received the following emails:  “12 Days of Cookies” from the Food Network Newsletter, and “12 Days of Cookies” from the Food Network Specials all with different recipes to choose from!  I’m still waiting for my cookie emails from Kraft Canada and All Recipes.  They’re all just tempting me to try something new!

My dilemma is this:  bake and eat?  bake and just look?  bake and give away?  Bake, eat and shred with Jillian everyday for 30 mintues?  Too many choices……  what’s a sweets-aholic supposed to do?


One response to “The Christmas Sweets Dilemma

  1. If you choose the “baking and giving away” option, I will gladly be on the receiving end of that option. Seriously.

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