A Crazy Evening……

Last night I was scheduled to proctor.  It was a 3 hour exam and all I saw were $ signs when i signed up to be there.  but as the afternoon moved along yesterday all I wanted to do was go home and put my feet up.  Once you agree to proctor, there’s no turning back….. my destiny for the night was set.

I had to be at the exam at 6:30.  That meant I had 1.5 hours to get there and maybe grab a quick bite to eat somewhere before i started my “part-time job”.  It also meant that I had to transfer buses; something i’d done before and was pretty confident in doing it, again.  I managed to grab an earlier bus right at 5:00 and I was pretty pleased because I figured i’d be able to grab my transfer early and have time to put my feet up in a comfy couch someone on campus before 6:30. 

I got off at my first stop and moved immediately into the bus shelter.  It seems that winter is moving in quickly these days and the wonderful Ontario cold air goes right through my fall/winter coat which means it’s time to get out the heavy winter coat.  So, there i stood trying to stay warm while i waited for my transfer to come along; which it did, 30 minutes later.  Now, I checked the schedule and I figured if I took the earlier bus from work, I had a pretty good chance of getting the earlier bus but obviously i was wrong about the times.  by the time my bus finally got there, i was frozen. I was glad that I found a warm seat on the bus.

Because of the cold air, my brain was  a bit foggy.  The warmth of the bus made my mind start to wander and that coupled with the darkness outside confused me so when I heard  ” blah, blah Hall”, i figured it was my stop and I got off.  OOPS!  Wasn’t my stop and i wanted to chase the bus and tell the driver that I had made a mistake but couldn’t catch it.  I asked someone at the corner how to get to the right place and they told me, “Up the hill, down the side street and down the hill.”  Nice…….  walking in the cold.  So, up the hill i went.  I ended up covering my head with my scarf – which my kids HATE – but my head and ears were freezing and the wind was unforgivable in it’s beating against my body so it was my only defense.  I passed some university kids that I’m sure were wondering who  was the strange scarf lady but it was dark and they’d never see me, again, anyway. Nothing lost there.

I found a building that i was familiar with and was relieved that I had enough time to grab a bite to eat.  I went inside but thought, “I’d better check the room number, again, where I need to be.”  Lo and behold, I was at the wrong building and wrong area on campus!  I had to be about 2 miles south of where i was.  I grabbed my dinner and started huffing it by foot down the steps, through the tunnel and along the street dodging people waiting for the bus and people walking slowly down the street.   At this point i didn’t feel the cold because I was almost running.

I made it on time!  I was actually early.  I pride myself on being precise with details.  Well, the fall came before the pride last night because it was a comedy of errors that sent me into a tail spin and had me stressed out!

The exam went as planned except that the professor got herself locked out of the building and was calling my name through the open window to come and let her in.  How often does that happen?  See? Just a crazy evening to say the least.  It’s at the end of a 3 hour exam that I vow never to do one of those, again.  You know me, though, I will because most often $ signs speak louder than common sense…..


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