An afternoon and evening in the hospital…..

My dad had a surgical procedure yesterday.  This meant two things:  1.  I had to take the afternoon off of work to be at the hospital with my mom and sisters and 2.  I had to sit in that hospital for several hours.  Following are my thoughts on hospitals.  (by the way…… i’ve only ever been in the hospital as a patient 3 times in my life: the birth of my two kids and to have a tonsillectomy at the age of 6.)

1. Hospitals smell.  For a place that is supposed to be sterile and clean,  they still have a smell that could knock over an elephant.  Thankfully the Surgery Lounge where we hung out smelled normal.  Can anyone explain this to me?

2.  Hospital staff are very friendly.  Everyone i ran into while roaming the halls of the hospital was very friendly. they’d smile and say, “hi”; all except one lady who sneered at me.  Maybe she was having a bad day..

3.  Don’t roam the halls by yourself.  My sister showed me where the bathroom was and then left me alone.  As I headed back towards my dad’s room, I became confused and headed down the wrong hall.  Imagine my surprise when they had a curtain around my dad’s bed – there hadn’t been one there when i left.  Thankfully I figured out where i was before i pulled the curtain back and saw something i didn’t need to see. It wasn’t my dad’s hall, bed or curtain!

4.  Always carry a container of nail polish with you when you have to be sitting in a hospital for awhile.  My sister had some nail polish and I killed some time by doing my nails.  They look quite sharp today and she actually ended up giving it to me at the end of the night.  Score!

5.  Have some funny kid stories to tell your family. This also kills time while you’re waiting.  We each took turns telling funny stories about our kids.  It kept my mom’s mind off of my dad’s surgery and made the atmosphere jovial.  Not so sure the other lady waiting for news was as thrilled as we were to be laughing.

6.  Go ahead and eat in the hospital café.  We grabbed supper while we waited and the food was pretty good.  Again, it killed time and we had a nutritious meal; all except my one sister who opted for mashed potatoes and gravy…. tsk, tsk. 🙂

7.  Take some snacks.  The surgery waiting room was pretty good with having little candies and we finally found some cookies but they didn’t have water or pop.  We eventually found some place to get some; a big room with vending machines.  Imagine our sadness when the sign on the door read:  “Please do not remove food or beverages from this room”  Pishaw!  We broke the rules!  Surprised, aren’t you?

Those are my thoughts for today on hospitals.  My dad came through his surgery with shining colors! Even though i had a good afternoon, I hope i don’t have spend time with my mom and sisters in that capacity, again.  I’d rather be sitting at my mom’s clean smelling house laughing and having a good time.


One response to “An afternoon and evening in the hospital…..

  1. You reminded me of a good hospital story that I should blog! A little embarrassing… (for Phil… i will be fine). So glad that your dad is fine.

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