Scream at me, if you wish…… it’s only my opinion……

I read this story today about a couple out west that won 11.3 million dollars in the lottery in July.  As of today they have given most of it away.  I even posted it to my facebook wall because i was quite moved by the story.  they have given it to many service and religious organizations in the area.  The wife has cancer and they have  concluded that the money was more of a pain to have and that what really matters is each other. 

I’ve thought about this story most of the day and here is my conclusion or questions for this couple:

1.  how much money did you waste over the years by buying lottery tickets that could have gone to help people in need at that time?  What if you would have given THEN and not flitted your money away with gambling?  Who has suffered because you spent money gambling and not giving then?  2.  It took too much money to realize how much you love each other?  My husband and I find that having NO money makes us realize how much we love each other.

It’s wonderful that they have been so generous.  I just wonder what it takes some people to realize what they have or rather don’t have.


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