Halloweens of the Past

As i was handing out candy last night to the little trick-or-treaters i was reminiscing about Halloween when i was a kid.  I was telling my son this and he found most of it quite funny.  Do you remember……:

1.  ……those plastic masks that went with your costume?  first of all, they always sweated where you breathed and it got all wet inside.  It was also hard to say “trick-or-treat” through a little mouth hole about an inch wide.  and secondly, how about that thin elastic string that went around your head only held together by a teeny little staple?  Remember how 1/2 way thorough walking around the neighbourhood it would snap off hitting you in the face?  Somehow the candy didnt matter so much at that point.  the welt was stinging too much.  And never mind that you then had to hold your mask to your face, your bag of candy and your little sister’s hand all at the same time!

2.  ……..how about the weather?  I remember spending lots of time picking out a costume, wearing it to school and being all excited about going out for candy and having to wear my winter coat over top of my costume because it was so stinkin’ cold!  What good is that?  Shouldn’t you be able to see me in my princess costume?  rats!

3.  ……the competition.  whenever we would get home from trick-or-treating my sisters and i would empty our candy bags onto the floor and count our candy.  It was a competition to see who got the most.  My mom would  buy our bubble gum from us.  I think she gave us a penny a piece.  Kinda like double prizes!

4.  ……how old is too old? How about the whole “age controversy”?  What was the age of not going out anymore?  Was it high school?  those little store bought costumes sure didn’t fit anymore so it was the old “make your own” costumes.  It was too hard to quit with the free candy gig.  I think i was 15 when i stopped going out.  pathetic, huh?

i realize that there’s always controversy surrounding Halloween.  is it good? is it bad?  but i figure any holiday that gets you free candy and left over candy is a good holiday and we will continue to buy candy and pass it out 🙂


One response to “Halloweens of the Past

  1. Hey– Some of us trick or treated at the ARBOR!! I have pics somewhere! You aren’t too old as long as you have a costume and don’t ask for more than ONE candy! I remember being a ghost and trying really hard not to trip on the way up/down the porch steps!

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