Remember Scholastic Books?

I saw a truck this morning that said this: “Scholastic Books”.  That brought back so many memories for me.  Remember getting those little flyers from school that had all of their books in it?  I remember sitting in class and slowly going over each page looking at each book and seeing how much each of them cost and trying to figure out how much I could talk my parents into giving me so I could get some new books.  I think those flyers came monthly. 

I was in 4th grade and I went to Lincoln Elementary School in Manistique, Michigan.  My teacher’s name was Mrs. Magoon.  And yes, we had rhymes like: “Mrs. Magoon flew to the moon on a rotten raccon.”  sorry… i digress….. anyway………  I can remember getting my Scholastic flyer, perusing it very dilligently until the deadline to have it in.  I combed through every page and always chose at least 1 book to get; 2 if i could get away with it.  Once my order was in, I couldn’t wait until the books came back!  My classroom was on the 2nd floor. In our classroom was a filing cabinet.  Whenever the books came back, Mrs. Magoon would put the box on top of the cabinet.  I can vividly remember the day after the due date of the books walking up those stairs to my classroom and looking immediately at the top of the filing cabinet to see if the box of books marked “Scholastic” had arrived.  It was like Christmas when it did!  No playing jump rope for me at recess!  I was on the ground with my new book in hand!  I loved to read and a new book was such an awesome treat!

I must own part of Scholastic books what with all of the books I bought as a kid and all of the books I bought my kids when they were in school.   If life were only that simple now that I could be happy with a new book.  Oh, wait, it is! 🙂


2 responses to “Remember Scholastic Books?

  1. I still look at those monthly flyers (still have two kids in elementary grades)! My youngest just attempted to talk me into a set of 10 books with a free bracelet!!
    I have a scholastic book from 30+ years ago – Charlie Brown’s lunch box recipes!!

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