3 degrees C….. it’s kinda cold on the bus

So, I’m trying to figure out how to stay warm on the bus.  When i’m in the car, i have the heat cranked – especially on my feet – which drives my husband nuts – but on the bus, there is no way to crank the heat and my feet freeze!

Much like church, i always sit in the same spot on the bus.  this morning i thought I’d try a new seat a bit further back, at the top of the bus, behind a panel that seperates me from the door.  Didn’t work. i was still cold. It also has a little sticky-out thing that meant i couldn’t fully put my feet on the floor – which is an issue when you’re turning a corner and don’t want to topple over onto the person sitting beside you.

There was this girl that actually had flip flops on this morning!  What is she thinking?  She looked like she was freezing – i don’t doubt that she was….. 

tomorrow’s trip?   i think it’s time to get out the winter coat, scarf and as my friend, karen, says: long socks…… that just might do the trick. 

and yes, i know what you’re thinking: what am i gonna do when winter gets here?  i’m not really sure.


2 responses to “3 degrees C….. it’s kinda cold on the bus

  1. Karen, you have to use the HOT POTATO idea! Or make hand warmers out of beans and fabric which you microwave before heading out the door. Put them in your pockets to keep warm. Carry a warm fleecy blanket to work too 🙂 Just kidding on the blanket, but I’d probably do it.. !

  2. I love reading your blog, I alway get a little chuckle. You definately are a writer.

    I think you will need to buy those hot pocket things that you can put in your shoes in the winter. I really impressed by your stamina and outlook on taking the bus. I’d probably be complaining. Ya you!

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