Stinkin’ chickens!

I walked out of my house this morning and breathed in the cool, crisp air of fall.  Don’t ‘cha just love that first breath of air in the morning once you’ve left your stuffy abode?  Breathing in deep and feeling the cool air hit your lungs.  Oh, i just love it! then there’s the breath that you can see as you blow it back out.  I remember when my sisters and i were little we used to pretend we were smoking cigarettes with that warm air….. how naughty was that?

As i stood and waited for the bus, I was dwelling on that cool air and how fresh it clean it was! What a treat!  Summer’s air can be so oppressive. Then, all of the sudden, out of nowhere, a big truck drove by packed to the rafters with LIVE chickens.  That was the end of my love affair with the fresh, morning, fall air.

Stinkin’ chickens!


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