Oh, for Pete’s sake……. what’s wrong with me?!

We Canadians had our Thanksgiving this past weekend.  It was a fun time of family, travelling and….. food!  Yes, i stepped on the scale this morning and the stupid thing yelled at me that i have gained 2 pounds.  Yes, yes.. i over ate.  I ate too much of my son’s apple caramel cake.  and i ate too much of my father-in-law’s omelete.  i ate too many crackers and salsa and asiago cheese.  and i ate too much corn pudding and turkey and stuffing….. and i sat around and read my mother-in-law’s magazines instead of going out and walking.  (My husband and I DID take a brief walk around the block after dinner but it was cold 😦  so it was short.)

So, today, the scale says i weigh 2 extra pounds and i say “UGH!”

I was feeling pretty blue about this and posted it to my facebook profile.  i dwelt on this all morning until my good friend shook me by the shoulders (figureatively over facebook, i should add) and said, “Seriously- you fret over 2 pounds? TWO POUNDS??!!  There are LOTS more important things to worry your pretty head over;)”    For Pete’s sake, what’s wrong with me?  Isn’t she right?  i mean really…. I don’t have cancer.  i have all of my limbs and body parts.  I have a place to sleep at night and a job.  I have a wonderful family and awesome friends…  And i worry about 2 pounds? 

Thanks to my friend for reminding me of what’s important and what I should be thankful for and for shaking me to realize, once again, what really matters in life!


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