Here’s a tissue for your drippy nose

As i got to my bus stop this morning i saw that i wasn’t going to be waiting alone.  Already waiting there was a couple.  A biker couple.  How could i tell this?  Well, he had the gear on: black boots, jeans, white long-sleeved shirt, Harley Davidson ball cap worn backwards and the leather vest.  He also donned a long black ponytail and a gotee.  As if walked up, his woman companion was wiping something off of his chin…. quite touching, actually.

We all got on the bus together and headed to the next stop.  At this stop an elderly man was waiting to get on.  I’m assuming he hasn’t ridden a bus in awhile because i heard him ask the driver how much it cost to ride.  He put his money in and away we went.  He sat across from the biker couple and they started up a conversation.  I had my headphones in so i can only imagine how it went.  From watching the body language i think it was something like this:

Elderly Gentelman:  “I don’t ride the bus much.”

Biker:  “We do.”

Elderly Gentelman:  “How do I get onto my next bus?  do I pay again?”

Biker:  “You’ll need to a transer ticket to ride without paying.”

Elderly Gentelman: “oh, i forgot to get one.”

Biker: “Here, take mine.”

Elderly Gentelman: “Thank-you.”

How do i know this happened? because the biker handed the gentleman his transfer ticket.  At this point, I saw a glitter of liquid coming off of the elderly man’s nose.  “Oh, no”, I thought, “he doesn’t have a tissue. poor guy.”  My mind immediately went to my dad and his teaching me how to blow my nose by plugging one nostril and blowing out the other one.  This is ONLY to be done outside, though.  Not to be done on the city bus.  I continued to watch.

Biker:  “your nose is running.”

Elderly Gentelman:  “yes, I can feel it.  I don’t have a tissue.”

Biker:  “here. Take this McDonald’s napkin I have tucked in my leather biker vest.  I think it’s clean.”

Elderly Gentelman:  “thanks.  very kind of you.”

Biker:  “No problem.”

Elderly Gentelman:  “So where do i catch my next bus.”

Biker:  “We’re almost there.  See where the bus depot is at the mall?”

Elderly Gentelman: “Over there?”   (I saw him point to the east of the mall.)

Biker:  “No, over there.”  ( I saw him point to the west side of the mall as we rounded the corner and headed towards it.)

We all got off at the bus depot and headed to our next respectful stops.  As we walked away i think this interaction happened:

Elderly Gentleman:  “Thanks for your help this morning.  Have a nice day.”

Biker: “You’re welcome. you have a nice day, too.”

As i said, my headphones were on so I really don’t know what words were exchanged betweent the two men but I watched their interactions with each other so I can assume that it went sort of like that.  I went away from that encounter with the thought of how two worlds came together on the city bus on a Thursday morning in October.


3 responses to “Here’s a tissue for your drippy nose

  1. That is a very moving story.

  2. What a cute story of helping others. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I hadn’t read this one! Love this. Very clever.

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