Whine and Cheese…..

so I went to my first esl get together last night. A wine and cheese night. i figured i’d better start hob-nobbing (there you go, renchie) with these people; they are the people that will be calling me when they need a supply (substitute) teacher in the next few months. They will help me get my foot in the door; so-to-speak. I don’t do fake well.  But i think i did a pretty good job of smiling and being polite.

I did see people that i know there, too.  My last ESL mentor was there, some teachers i had been with this summer were there, one of my esl instructors was there, and a couple of the people that took the course with me were there, too.  I ended up having an “ok time” for feeling a bit out-of-place.

But something bothered me.  What is it about some teachers that is so intimidating?   Why do i feel so inferior to them?  I’m right out of school…… I have the latest esl information in my little head right now.  I know the most up-to-date curriculum and even though i don’t have experience, I’m excited and without sarcasm about this hallowed career.  I see hope and optimism for my future and the future of my future students.  Why, then do I feel a substandard teacher sitting amongst these seasoned professionals?  Or is it THEM that feel threatened by me?  enough whinning……..  it’s time to start winning.


One response to “Whine and Cheese…..

  1. I asked Karen Macari, the teacher next door, about the same thing you were talking about. It seems I look up to other teachers so much. They seem to “have it”, while I feel like I’m surfing a big wave, being tossed to and fro, struggling to keep up. She assured me that I am not unique in this feeling.
    The way I figure, I will just try to get better every day. I will give it my best shot. I can’t ask more from myself and neither can anyone else. The other thought I have is that I am teaching them English, but that means providing them with the ladder to climb, not doing it for them. A lot of my role is to provide the courage and hope that they can climb the ladder and reach their objectives.
    Finally, do I really believe in lifelong learning? I do. That means I get to learn along the way, too. I don’t have to be perfect. I just have to be willing to walk towards perfection.

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