Crossword Puzzles

I think i’m pretty smart……. most of the time.  by smart i mean intelligent.  but the one time i feel like a dolt is when i’m trying to do a crossword puzzle.  My husband will say, “Oh, yah, i did the crossword puzzle today on my lunch.”  I just cringe.  Those things have always made me sick…. until now…… i’ve finally found one that i can actually complete – at least i thought i could.

I’ve found a website where there’s a new crossword puzzle every week.  If you click on Life Wise Canoe you’ll find a puzzle that says, “Family Time Crossword”.  you think that they’d be easy enough for the family to do….. yah, right!  I’m constantly doing one of two things: either clicking on the “solve letter” button or opening a new tab and googling the clue to see if google is smarter than i am….. guess what, they are.  and to top it off, this puzzle is nice enough to give you a mark once you’ve completed it.  I sometimes get a B+ which if i was in math class would thrill me but as an English aficionado, i’d really like to see A+ all of the time. 

Do you know that people actually buy BOOKS with crossword puzzles in them? OMGoodness!  My birthday is nearing and i sure hope no one thinks it would be a good thing to keep me busy with one of those horrible things!

I suppose it just goes to prove that my husband is smarter than i am!  I like that. 🙂


4 responses to “Crossword Puzzles

  1. So you want Sudoku then?

  2. Was there ever any doubt of his smartness? He married YOU!

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