Mother Bear Syndrome…….

Being a mom is such a rewarding gift.  My kids have become such wonderful adults. I am so proud of them.  But i want to talk today about my “Mother Bear” syndrome.  Those of you that are mothers will know exactly what i’m talking about.  It’s that instinct that flies into action when you feel your “cub” is in trouble or is in need.  this is a very hard instinct to hide when your kids become adults and they need to be fighting their own battles.  hard to know what to fight and what not to fight.

My daughter is teaching her first ESL class today for her practicum.  I’m so proud of her!  She has worked so hard to prepare which is why when she was trying to print off her worksheets this morning on our stupid computer and it wasn’t working, I, Mother Bear, wanted to run down to Staples to get them done for her.  And when she was stressing out about her activities for the day this morning I, Mother Bear, wanted to grab her stuff and go and do it for her – SHE getting the grade, of course.

Then there’s my son who just found out yesterday that his very part-time job is being cut.  Apparently the company can’t afford his whole 10 hours each week.  Yet, they keep 2 people doing the same job.  (i won’t go on about THAT right now.)  Because his office is in the same building as mine, several people from his company have already gotten an ear-full from me, Mother Bear, as they have walked by my desk…….  I’m pretty sure they were hoping i was home sick today. 

I found this explanation on “Mother bears are dedicated to their cubs, yet stern so they learn to survive out on their own when they are old enough. They will attack humans.”   so, i suppose the hardest part for me is this idea: “stern so they learn to survive out on their own when they are old enough”.   I’ll keep trying to do that but i’m not promising that it will be easy for me to do.  You Mother Bears out there will know just what i’m talking about!


4 responses to “Mother Bear Syndrome…….

  1. I like this part: “They will attack humans”!

  2. And you are attacking humans. The joys of motherhood, no matter what age we still go above and beyond for them!

  3. Yet another reason why I will not support this local business. I hate when my friends get treated badly because of a company’s inability to manage their resources properly.

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