Westley and his instincts

I’m sorry for those of you who aren’t dog lovers.  I was never NOT a dog lover but since my son got his Westie a year ago, i have fallen in love with this little guy and he’s so much fun to write about.  It’s amazing the instincts that dogs and for that case, animals have.  Read on…..

I was “puppy sitting” the other day while my son was at work.  I was cleaning up the kitchen with Westley at my feet and i asked him if he wanted a bone.  When we bbq ribs, we keep the bones for him in a ziplock bag and they’re a nice treat for him.  He responded that he did (we have our own language, you could say) so I gave him one.  He sat at my feet and enjoyed that little rib bone to the very end.  So, i asked him if he wanted another one.  He said, “yes”, again so back i went into the fridge to grab another one.  This time he took it and walked out of the room with it.  I didn’t pay much attention to where he went and he was back in a matter of minutes. 

I went downstairs to start the vacuum and as i moved the blanket off of the floor, there sat his last rib bone.  Apparently, he had buried it under the “dirt”.  I told him he had to move it and he grabbed it and off he went… to eat it or so i thought.

Awhile later i asked him if he wanted another bone… this time i wanted to see what he’d do with it.  He grabbed it, left the kitchen and headed downstairs, again.  This time i watched as he pushed it with his nose behind the stereo speaker.  He then took his paw and “buried it” with the speaker wire.  Where was my camera?  I could have gotten it in cash!

Later that day, i heard this “bang! bang!”  I looked to see what it was and there was Westley, “uncovering” his bone that he had “buried” behind the speaker.

A dog and his instincts!  quite amazing!


One response to “Westley and his instincts

  1. Our little dog does the same thing but it can be embrassing when you don’t know where they hid them. He sometimes will put them behind a cushion on the couch and company comes and moves the cushion to sit and there’s a dog cookie. Oh the things we will put up with for our pets.

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