Star Light, Star Bright

i saw the first star of the night in the western sky last night.  My son and i were driving home and it was just nightfall and in the western sky there was this very bright star.  I told him that we should wish on it.  I stupidly wished for a million dollars……. i think i’ve done that a million times… doesn’t work.

I remember the first time i wished on the first star of the night.  We were driving from our home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Muskegon in the Lower Peninsula because my Grandpa had just died.  I lay in the back seat with my sisters, looked at the sky out of the back car window, saw the star and wished that my Grandpa was still alive.  I was 9.  Even now my heart breaks as the only thing i wanted was for him to grab me and give me one of his big bear hugs that he gave us everytime.  I guess wishes on the first star don’t really come true….. but i’ll keep trying.

Star Light Star bright,
The first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight


2 responses to “Star Light, Star Bright

  1. I remember sneaking past Grandpa so I wouldn’t have to get one of his bear hugs. Wondering what I was thinking. I’d love one of those again. 😦

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