The World of Instant Communication

i forgot my cell phone at home today. 😦  My cell phone is my lifeline between my family and myself.  Now that my husband and i don’t work in the same building, we’re always texting back and forth to each other.  It’s fun to stay in touch that way.  between that, facebook and emailing, i can pretty much get who i want when i want wherever i want…. except my folks who don’t have a computer……

i was watching the last 20 minutes of one of my favorite tv shows last night: The Waltons.  In this episode, Elizabeth went missing and the family was trying to find her.  Of course, in true Walton fashion, the whole family was sent out to look for her….except the mom who stayed at home with Grandma.  After a whole 5 minutes of searching the entire Walton’s Mountain, they found her.

My first thought was this: Poor Olivia, the mom, is sitting at home waiting to hear if Elizabeth has been found…. there’s NO cell phones to call her and let her know she’s been found.  Forget cell phones, they don’t even have a REAL phone to let her know she’s been found.  I guess they didn’t live in a world of instant answers.

what’s the better life?  to be able to be in contact with people 24/7 or not?  I’ve heard a lot of bad about all of this ability to be in contact constantly.  They say no one knows how to communicate face-to-face anymore because of Facebook but i’ve found that Facebook has brought me closer to some people that i had lost contact with.

as for me, i’ll sit here all day and miss my texts from my husband.  but i’ll continue to check facebook and hotmail for any message from him.  He’s one person i’d like to be in constant contact with 🙂


3 responses to “The World of Instant Communication

  1. I tried to phone Bob the night Ed broke his arm – I heard his phone ring on the table. Ooops!

    By the way, Sam thinks you should follow the rules of capitalization better. 🙂

    • that stinks… we’ve done that before.

      I appreciate Sam’s concern. You should have him read e.e.cummings. i take his stance on capitalization….. and i figure it’s my blog i can do what i want 🙂

  2. I like online facebook sometimes and other times I like to go for a walk and facebook my ‘likes’ face to face with people……I’ll yell out ‘I like your flowers’ to the neighbours or ‘I like the smell of your barbecue…what’s for supper’. Sometimes our real voice looking at a real person is just what we need each day!!

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