Fishing With My Dad and My Son

I went fishing with my dad and my son Saturday night.  I haven’t fished in years!  When i was 12 and 13, my dad and i had “fishing dates” on Monday nights during the summer.  Just him and i in his row boat out on Goose Lake catching Sunfish and Blue Gills……  by that time he’d taught me to bait my own hook and take the hook out of the fish by myself… unless the fish swallowed it then he’d come to my rescue!

when my sisters and i were little, he’d take us all out in a boat fishing.  We’d say to him,”Dad, this worm is too wiggly.  Put him on for us.”  or ” Dad! He swallowed the hook!  Get it out for us!”    I remember he’d say to my mom, “I don’t try and fish.  I”m too busy putting bait on the hooks and taking fish off of them.”  He never complained about it; it was done out of love.

I never liked eating the fish that we caught but i did like to catch them.  The other night we did the old “catch and release”…. which is fine with me.  My son was catching them like crazy.  We decided that he was the one doing the least amount of talking so that’s probably why he caught more than my dad and i did.  My dad and i were catching up on stuff 🙂

Fishing is a funny thing.  You put a worm on your hook, throw it into the water and sit there and wait.  it’s not relaxing for me like it is for some.  I’m always anxious about stuff like: did the worm drop off?  did it get taken off by a fish and it’s sitting there empty?  are there any fish in this water?  I’m not very patient, i guess.  i want instant results.

My son is the 4th generation of fishermen in our family.  I remember fishing with my Grandpa and Grandma when i was little.  I sure hope my grandkids fish with me some day…….

Grandson and Grandpa Fishing Together


5 responses to “Fishing With My Dad and My Son

  1. Karen! This is beautiful. And then the gorgeous pic to top it off. Made me cry.

  2. “This worm is pussing out all over me!” Sorry couldn’t resist. Glad you enjoyed the fishing.

    • i forgot about that one!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was sick!


      “If you approach the world with the apron of a servant, then you are allowed to go places you can’t go if you approach it with the crown of a king.” -John Foreman, lead singer of Switchfoot

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