The Pickle Pilgrimage

August is the time of year that i make the family tradition of dill pickles.  My mom, who doesn’t even LIKE pickles, got me started with this as a kid.  my family loves them as i do so that’s why i do it. 

My son and i got up early to head to Trail’s End – our weekend market; this is the best place to get everything you need for pickle making….. cucumbers, dill and garlic.  This year we had a funny experience with buying dill.  we searched quite awhile before we found someone with dill; apparently not a great dill year.  We finally found a sweet Mennonite lady who had a TON of it!  I inquired about how much it was.  She said she only sold it to people that bought her cucumbers.  I told her we already had cucumbers, we just wanted her dill.  She again stated that she would only sell to those who bought her cukes.  I was getting frustrated.  There was no other dill anywhere at the market and i needed it TODAY! this is pickle making day! I guess she didn’t get it!  finally, she agreed to sell me a little.  She showed me the bundle and i told her i needed 3 times that amount.  Reluctantly she grabbed another big handful.  As i’m standing there watching her put the bundle together i’m thinking, “She’s gonna ding me good for this little favour.”  I had 3 toonies ($6)in my pocket figuring it will probably cost me $5 for the bundle.  she handed it to me and i asked her how much.  She replied, “$1.”  i asked her to repeat herself and she said, again, “$1”.  I almost laughed out loud, handed her $2 and said it was fine, no change was needed……….

As we walked to our car going over the list of things we had come for and had purchased, my son said this – i’ve added the prices….

a bag of cucumbers – $12

3 heads of garlic – $1.50

a BIG bundle of dill – $2

2 cantelopes – $2

a dozen corn – $3

time with my mom – priceless………. 

hand me the kleenex box, please…….


4 responses to “The Pickle Pilgrimage

  1. So, do you make a non-garlicked version of these fabulous dill pickles, for your vampire friends?

  2. ….can’t wait for a sample !! love garlic- dill pickles !!!!

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