Construction Road Rage……….

In Ontario where i live, summer and road construction are synonymous with each other.  Every main thorough fare in the city where  i live in is being torn up and repaired this summer.  Apparently there’s not enough money to fix the homeless situation but there’s enough money for new roads……. (ok, i’ll keep my political views out of this blog.)

Here’s my beef…………….  there’s a LONG line of cars because of the construction.  I’m sitting in my little Saturn that has long since lost it’s air conditioning; so it’s hot and sticky and i’m in no mood for what’s going to happen next:  some guy in a 2010 black BMW whizzes by me and shoots to the front of the line.  WHAT?  didn’t he see the long line of cars?  doesn’t he know there’s NO cutting in line?  was he out sick the day they taught that courtesy  in 1st grade?  This makes me so angry!  Why can’t he wait with the other people in line?  He knows the line is there.  He knows he should wait…………he just doesn’t…..

I refuse to let these people in.  I know, call me an evil person. my husband lets them in… i guess he has a kinder heart than me.  But it makes me so mad that they think they can just squeeze in and not wait like the rest of us. 

I heard the other day that most accidents happen because someone is being selfish.  I get this…..


One response to “Construction Road Rage……….

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I waited 10 minutes (that’s TEN minutes) for the guy standing there with the stop sign to turn it over to slow. And my destination was literally 30 seconds away.
    But just think of the great roads we will have this winter though!!

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